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Three dimensional objects normally require excessive time to measure precisely. Similarly it is almost impossible to measure complicated and irregular shaped objects without mistakes. Few companies can afford this waste of time and money. The Proliner® is a revolutionary new product, which can make digital measurements quickly and very accurately.

The ultramodern Proliner® takes a most of the work out of difficult measurements. This mobile measuring device records the measuring points very precisely and then saves the collected information digitally. Since the Proliner® can be easily connected to the common CAD-systems, it is possible to get accurate drawings in just a couple of minutes.

The advanced Proliner® has extensively proven itself in practice. Numerous companies, including well established yacht, bodywork, and interior builders, daily save time and money thanks to this mobile measuring machine.

The Proliner® is capable of precise measurements of straight, curved, or very complex shapes. It doesn't matter whether the object is in a horizontal, vertical or slanting position. It is also possible to measure a combination of these positions at once. In just a couple of seconds, the special pointer marks the relevant points in order to register the outlines of the object. All the measuring data will automatically be registered digitally. Measurements up to 10 meters can be made at one time and larger measurements can be made by combining drawings in a simple "leap frog" process.

Thanks to a direct link to common CAD-systems, measured outlines can be quickly translated to a scale drawing; what's more, the Proliner® can be connected to CNC production machines. This makes separated programming unnecessary and results in shortened run time.
The Proliner® is solidly constructed to withstand actual "in the field" working conditions. The Proliner® 3D can be used in horizontal and vertical positions plus it can rest at any angle. The touch screen also has contrast regulation to provide a razor sharp display.

The device is compact, only 10 kilos, has a rechargeable battery, and can be taken anywhere. Starting up the Proliner® requires zero calibration and set up time, so measuring can be started immediately.

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proliner digital measuring device
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